The First of Many for Summer 2013 — Little Rumely Man Book Event

Spring is playing peek-a-boo with us here in the Midwest, but my eyes are set on summer. Little Rumely Man is going on the road! One trip is booked and Jack can’t wait! (Neither can I!)

Over Labor Day weekend, (I know it’s a long way off.) you’ll find Little Rumely Man at the Midwest Old Thresher’s Reunion in Mount Pleasant, Iowa. Yep, I’m pointing Dolly (That’s my arrest-me red Prius–flashy on the outside and all country on the inside–kind of like Dolly Parton–see earlier post.) due west.  (Can’t believe I’ve never been to Iowa – it’s just five hours away.)

The best part is that I’ll get to take in an antique farm machinery show that is (I think.) the largest of its kind in the country.  (Rumor has it that 80,000 people wander the grounds checking out the steam engines, threshing, live music, antiques, etc.) There’s so much going on there, I can’t imagine how I will see it all! But you can find me at the Farm Collector magazine exhibit. (Don’t worry. I’ll post more info later this summer.) I’ll be signing and selling Little Rumely Man on Saturday. Let’s hope that I can make a big donation to the show…a portion of the proceeds from every book sold is ALWAYS donated to those preserving agricultural and rural life history.

Can’t wait!! (Oh yeah, and I’ll be celebrating my birthday there too!)

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Deeper than Translation – Billion Dollar Markets Improve Lives

Direct Selling News - Billion Dollar Markets

Direct Selling News – Billion Dollar Markets

The diversity of people and cultures is so appealing to me and any time there’s a chance to learn more, I grab it. That’s why I loved writing the March cover story for Direct Selling News. I learned so much about the nuances of international marketplaces and the everyday people who make billions of dollars of sales happen every year.

Direct selling internationally goes much deeper than logistics and translation. In places where there is no infrastructure, like roads and adequate transportation, to support traditional brick and mortar retail, direct selling delivers goods and services to people who otherwise have no options. It also provides livelihoods much better than some of these folks would have otherwise, improving the health and well-being of individuals, communities and entire countries.

Here’s my latest cover story about the direct selling industry’s Billion Dollar Markets.

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Anywhere else it’s just basketball, but this is Indiana and Business

Butler v FloridaYes, in Indiana we LOVE our basketball and we also love a Cinderella story. Butler University has been that and now Forbes magazine contributor, Jason Belzer, says business can learn from a decades-old winning philosophy that capitalizes on the catalytic behavior of otherwise average players to rise up and succeed in a big way.

Using humility, passion, unity, servanthood and thankfulness, The Butler Way gathers “no-stat All Stars” and magic happens on the basketball court. The whole IS greater than the sum of its parts. What a great reminder to anyone working on a team at work, in school, or in a volunteer capacity.

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Fight Grumpy with Everything You’ve Got

Negatives pile up and can weigh you down. It worsens with age. I’m sure you recognize when “grumpy” sets in for you or those closest to you. I’m here to say…”FIGHT IT!” Fight it with every ounce of energy in your being!

Negativity gets you nowhere and, in fact, can drag others down the proverbial rabbit hole with you. Instead, seek the inspiring, expect the good and you will find it.

Look through the youthful lens of 18-year-old professional photographer, Olivia Bee for inspiration. If her exquisite photos (for Converse, Hermes and The New York Times) don’t whittle away some of that negativity, then listen to her words and let yourself feel the passion of a serious artist, who just happens to be a teenager.

“Don’t focus on success, that will really do you wrong. Success in terms of money and fame — that won’t mean anything. You should focus on success in terms of what you love and what makes you happy.”

Inspiration and passion like Olivia’s is not just for the young. Anyone, anywhere, at any age can capture it and put it to work to better their life and the lives of others.

Photo Credit: Olivia Bee

Photo Credit: Olivia Bee

Photo Credit: Olivia Bee

Photo Credit: Olivia Bee

Photo Credit: Olivia Bee

Photo Credit: Olivia Bee

Photo Credit: Olivia Bee

Photo Credit: Olivia Bee

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7 Keys to Executive Success: A View from the Desk Outside Your Door

A unique perspective on the traits of successful CEOs from an executive assistant. What a fantastic concept for a book. Jana DiCarlo hits this one out of the park!

Click here to read.

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Diversity and Inclusion in Ohio and Beyond

The National Diversity Council has affiliate councils across the country with loads of education and training opportunities for businesses and individuals. They are terrific advocates for inclusive work environments and career paths for all individuals. You’ll find my profile of  Board Member Joe Cisneros in this month’s Ohio Diversity Council newsletter. Click here to read the newsletter.

Check out the Ohio Diversity Council’s upcoming programs, including a spectacular Women’s Conference.

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Sharing Little Rumely Man with LaPorte – Jack’s kind of famous now

It’s weird for a freelance writer/reporter to be on the other end of an interview. But here’s a great story written by Gabrielle Gonzalez about this weekend’s Little Rumely Man book-signing at the LaPorte County (Indiana) Historical Society Museum.

Click here to read the story:

What a treat it was to share Jack’s story with folks in the place where Rumely called home for so many years. Loved it so much, Jack’s headed back to LaPorte for a Rumely Reunion, March 9.

And, by the way, the LaPorte County Historical Society Museum is a treasure. There’s an AWESOME car collection and sooo much more. Plus, you’ll find Jack’s story for sale in the gift shop.

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Rubbing Elbows with Direct Sellers Made My Dream Come True

A few months ago, I took a closer look at direct sellers for Direct Selling News. (They are far more than just the Avon or Mary Kay ladies of the world.) I’ve been writing for this industry for more than six years and have had the pleasure of speaking with literally hundreds of people at all levels in direct selling. I have laughed and cried hearing the stories these folks tell about their circumstances and how direct selling lifted them, empowered them and taught them they could be what they always dreamed.

Telling their stories through publications likeDirect Selling News, Success From Home, Your Business At Home, and Beautiful You opened a door for me professionally and gave me a new-found respect for personal development. I credit my association with the direct selling industry for inspiring me to finally write my children’s book, Little Rumely Man. Rubbing elbows with direct sellers helped me make my dream come true.

If my January cover story for Direct Selling News or any of the stories on my website give you a glimmer of hope that you can make 2013 a better year for you and your family, then I’ve succeeded. Open minds soak up new ideas. That doesn’t mean everyone should be a direct seller. Maybe your take away will be inspiration to put together an action plan that will make your dreams come true. Resources are out there to help you make positive changes in your life. (Sometimes they are even free!) Just get past the fear, forget whatever circumstances that have been holding you back and forge ahead in this new year!

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Little Rumely Man Book Signing

I’m taking Jack, the Little Rumely Man, on the road to the Rumely OilPull’s hometown of LaPorte, Indiana. It’s where the object of Jack’s affection was manufactured between 1910-1930. I’ll be signing books, Saturday, Jan. 19 at the LaPorte Historical Society Museum! Time and further details to follow.

In the meantime, check out for your very own copy!


Read the review, order Little Rumely Man in time for Christmas

Farm Collector Review Dec 2012-1

Farm Collector magazine’s Little Rumely Man review…click here to read. Then click on the Little Rumely Man tab to order your copy in time for Christmas!


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