Grow up like I did around people who love to talk and by the time you can string a sentence together, you’re competing for “soap box” time. Sure, opinions were plentiful and, no doubt, the preaching taught patience, but for the most part my family talked for the love of sharing.

It didn’t matter if it was fresh headlines on the national news or my aunt’s impromptu rendition of a dog food ad. (To this day we randomly shout, “Bacon!”) We shared the stories of life–newsmakers, comedies, tragedies, and yes, our day-to-day antics. Sharing connected us not only to each other, but to the wider world as well.

Today, I make my living sharing stories. I’m a freelance writer–an interpreter, of sorts. I write human interest feature stories about people, organizations, and causes for magazines, companies and the web.

As I see it, everyone has a story to tell. But sometimes it’s not the story you think it will be. It’s better!

Sharing that story can connect you to the people you love, to customers, to people who need help, to those who can help, and sometimes it can connect you to yourself. I’d like to share some of those stories with you here on my blog and if you have an empowering story that deserves telling, give me a shout.

Until next time, leave the world better than you found it.