Giving Back

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Feature stories of giving, hope, inspiration and empowerment are a privilege to write. In fact, they are my favorites. I figure, what better way to use my talents, than to tell the stories of people, companies and non-profits working to make this world a better place. I could write a “giving back” feature story every day for the rest of my life and be a happy camper.

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SUCCESS, August 2010

Read about stopping needless childhood deaths and

the woman who leads the challenge.

“UNICEF: Caryl Stern, With a Mother’s Heart
SUCCESS, Magic Johnson, August 2010


Empower, CieAura, 2011

Read about lifting hungry kids up from poverty.

“Bringing Hope to Smokey Mountain
EMPOWER, CieAura, 2011


Read about the innovative way a famous TV couple put the excesses of Hollywood to use for the greater good.

“Clothes Off Our Back Foundation: Jane Kaczmarek, actress”
SUCCESS, John Maxwell, April 2009


Success from Home, June 2011

Read about 7 Continents in 7 Years, one company’s commitment to the Earth.

“Leave It Better than You Found It”
Success from Home, Viridian, June 2011

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