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Celebrity profile feature stories are a treat to write. They are a bit like taking a scenic Sunday drive. Sure, there are more direct routes, but usually it’s within the twists and turns of casual conversation that I find the feature hook I’m looking for. That tidbit of information, if used appropriately in the feature story, captures the essence of the person, their priorities, dreams, history and future. Profile feature stories, celebrity or otherwise, should celebrate more than facts, figures and resumes. I set out to offer something fresh, something human, something inspiring.


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SUCCESS, Feb. 2009

Read about Personal Development Expert,

“Stedman Graham: Relevant Life”
SUCCESS, Colin Powell, Feb. 2009

Success From Home, Feb. 2010

Read about:

“Michelle Aguilar The Biggest Loser – A New Woman”
Success From Home, efusjon, Feb. 2010


Read about professional cook, author and TV host,

“Rachael Ray: Keeping It Real”
SUCCESS, Donny Deutsch, Dec. 2008


Read about Survivor host,

“Jeff Probst, Survivor: Life’s Magnificent Adventure”
SUCCESS, Anthony Hopkins, March 2010


Read about inventor and entrepreneur,

“Sara Blakely, inventor of Spanx”
SUCCESS, Suze Orman, May 2009

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