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A leading antique tractor collector’s website rated Little Rumely Man with an A+ this week. Michael Hinton, owner of posted information about the book and his rating on his blog. Check it out.

Check out the book and the OilPulls that Jack fell in love with at the Pioneer Engineers Club of Indiana annual reunion, Thursday, August 2 through Sunday, August 5 at Caldwell Pioneer Acres, Rushville, Indiana. My hometown’s show plays host to the Rumely Collector’s Expo, which features Advance-Rumely machines ranging from OilPulls to steam engines and a variety of implements including grain separators.

Stop by the striped umbrella next to Maple-Hunter Decals on the main drag, just past the main entrance.  That’s where you’ll find me and Little Rumely Man. Take one or two home for just $10.

Take in the calliope music, eat some great food, meet some new friends, and who knows you might just go home a Rumely man or woman!

Note: A portion of the proceeds from sales of this book go to agriculture preservation through donations to Pioneer Engineers Club of Indiana, Inc., and other organizations like it, who build on the skills and talents of their members to educate and entertain the public as they preserve the heritage of rural life.